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I was fortunate enough to start working in Los Angeles at eleven years old, which has brought me so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. Here are a few of my favorites!

Jenna Z Alvarez Kidding



I booked my first guest star recurring role when I was fifteen. I played 'Havana', the love interest of Jim Carrey's son in seasons one and two. I learned so much on this set! The cast and crew were the absolute best, and I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. 


Club Mickey Mouse

At fourteen, I started working with Disney as one of their official Mouseketeers. This was the job that really shaped me as a creative performer. It felt like a fun special high school where I got to have once in a lifetime opportunities with other young artists! It's been an honor getting to represent the brand. 

Jenna Z Alvarez Disney Club Mickey Mouse
Jenna Z Alvarez Disney Channel Shook

Disney Channel's


When I was 16, I got to work alongside one of my best friends and play her onscreen enemy. I played 'Liberty', the intensely motivated dance team captain in the Disney Channel Original Movie, SHOOK. I'd known Sofia Wylie who plays 'Mia', since we were young dancers aspiring to be choreographers. It's serendipitous how we both found our way into acting, and eventually found our way back to each other - this time on television instead of a dance class.

Feature Film


At nineteen years old - I filmed my first lead role in a feature film. It was an incredible learning experience that taught me a lot. I'm excited to share more about it when I can. 

Jenna Z Alvarez Actor
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